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Fitness Testing, Requirements and Standards

Badminton Wales are committed to providing and establishing a robust performance environment for all our talented players from across Wales. One of the key areas of focus which forms the foundation to this Performance Environment is the recruitment of players into our performance pathway. This is an incredibly important area to the longevity of our player development program, enabling us to consistently produce players who are physically prepared for the demands that elite Badminton requires.

The information provided on this page and associated documents has been created to support players, coaches and parents in establishing an understanding of the physical testing protocols and requirements desired for the inclusion of junior players into the Badminton Wales Performance Pathway. 

The Physical Profiling protocols and testing has been developed by the Badminton Wales Performance Team under the guidance of Head Physiologist Dr Michael Hughes of Cardiff Metropolitan University. Dr Mike Hughes has had over 10 years of experience of working with Badminton England and Wales helping shape the physical program and testing standards and protocols. His experience and knowledge has been invaluable in the development of our physical program. 

Over the past year we have been conducting numerous tests with our Regional Academy players acquiring vital physical data for us to start the process of physical profiling which can be exercised to benchmark our players against the historical data Dr Mike Hughes has acquired over his studies for the past 10 years. 

Below are the five key areas we have identified to allow us to establish insight into a player’s physical development. The results of these tests will provide valuable data which will help form a player's performance profile.

  • Shuttle Run (view the video and protocols here
  • Change of Direction (View the video and protocols here)
  • Standing Broad Jump (View the video and protocols here)
  • Drop Jump (to follow)
  • Vertical Jump (to follow)


To form a full Performance Review of a player the Badminton Wales coaching team review three additional key areas (highlighted below) in addition to the physical testing which will provide valuable insight into each player’s physical profile and make-up.  

  • Technical Ability (Shot production, footwork, court craft, skill level)
  • Lifestyle (Other interests, hours of training, attitude to Badminton and Academic)
  • Performance (Competitive participation and results)

The fundamentals of the performance review will form the foundation of a player’s performance profile which will be built upon as each player progresses through the Badminton Wales Performance Pathway. 

Testing Standards

The Testing Standards are used as a guide to provide players, parents and coaches with the recommended physical requirements players must attain for recommendation for the Regional Academies and High Performance Structures. 


You can download the Badminton Wales Testing Standards (Chart guide) here