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Badminton Wales Satellite Centres

A Satellite Centre is a key part of the Badminton Wales performance pathway providing players and parents with the opportunity to engage in a fun, structured and educational environment. A Satellite Centre will form the link between clubs and the Regional Academy structure. A Satellite Centre will provide the expertise and guidance through a supporting structure which will aid and support the early development and providing them with the core skills required to enable them to continue their journey towards becoming a Regional Academy player and higher.

Our overall vision is to provide full geographic coverage of Satellite Centers feeding into the Regional Academy structure. We are currently in a phase of consultancy with organisations who are wanting to become a Satellite Centre to enable us to provide the most appropriate amount of support depending on the needs of each centre. The document below provides further information on becoming a Satellite Centre.

Satellite Centre Information & Requirements available to view here.

If you are interested in receiving more information please contact