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Badminton Wales Social Club Membership


Who is this membership aimed at?
This membership is for social badminton clubs and their players who wish to be members of Badminton Wales but who do not wish to play competitively as an individual or club in any competitions.

What is the fee?
There is a £20 fee to affiliate the club. The fee structure is then:

1 - 10 members - £30
11 - 25 members - £50
26 - 45 members - £75
45+ members - £100


How do I join?
Head to our Membership System and purchase the £20 affiliation fee, and the Club type that fits your members.

You will then need to affiliate their members using the free individual social membership, so that we know who the membership is covering for insurance purposes. This membership is only available to clubs that have purchased the Social Club membership. If you run into any problems, please contact us here.


Club Benefits