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Badminton Wales answers some of your frequently asked questions surrounding the impact of coronavirus on badminton.

Badminton Wales updated our Return To Court Roadmap on the 29th Jan 2021. You can view it here.

Our latest Guidance for Clubs and Members can be found here  (Version 6, 16/11/2020). Affiliated coaches should contact us to receive our Guidance for Coaches.

Updated: 12/08/2020.


We are unsure if our facility will be available for the start of the season. What can we do?  

A: Keep in regular contact with the venue provider. Explore alternative venues to see if there is any available. 

Why are England playing doubles and Wales aren't?

A: England and Wales are lead by different guidance. England are operating under "2 meters where possible" social distancing, whereas the Welsh Government is still operating under strict 2 meter social distancing. This means that only singles between different households is possible, or doubles between the same extended household.

How do we manage court numbers? 

A: This depends on which Tier of restrictions Wales is currently in. Under Tier 4, indoor sport is not possible. Tiers 2 & 3 will allow up to 15 individuals in a hall, and Tier 1 will allow up to 50.  Individuals must be able to maintain 2m social distancing. You are allowed singles between members of different households, with doubles only possible between members of the same household/extended household. 

What do we do if a high level of our member is sceptical of coming back?  

A: Clubs need to be in regular contact with their members. Clubs will be provided with resources and information on how to provide a safe environment as much as possible. It is important that information relating to members is communicated with them. 

What can clubs do to counteract a loss of income? 

A: Clubs should review their income and expenditure. If any possible changes could be made, they should look to seeing what those alternative options are available. There are several funds available to help clubs regenerate - contact the BW team at [email protected] for help.

What about the use of additional facilities at venues? i.e. Kitchens, meeting rooms 

A: Clubs will also have to abide by government regulations re: Facilities. We recommend that Clubs consult with the venue provider on which facilities are being made available to them.  

Coach Education   

Q: What is the status of coach education courses?   

A: All coach education courses are suspended until further notice. We will continue to review the situation and will advise members of any changes. However, we expect that our next BWF L1 course will run in late 2021. Please contact Donal at if you would like to be informed of dates when they become available. 


Q: What do I do if my safeguarding qualification has expired or is about to expire? 

A: Whilst no face-to-face safeguarding courses are currently available, we recommend that our members take advantage of UKCoaching’s learn-from-home course: 

Please note that we recommend this as an interim solution and not as a replacement for a face-to-face workshop. If you have any safeguarding queries in this time, please contact us at [email protected] 


Q: All one-to-one coaching with a junior should have an adult or guardian present. Are they allowed to be present as well?  

A: We would not endorse a coach working 1-2-1 with a young person under the age of 18 without a non-participating parent/guardian in attendance and maintaining the 2m physical distancing.  We recommend that all coaches check that they are on the Badminton Wales Coaches Register, otherwise they are not covered by our insurance.


Q: Will tournaments which have been cancelled be rearranged?   

A: The tournament calendar is extremely busy so in most cases it will not be possible to rearrange.  Keep an eye on the website ( which has the up to date calendar of events. 

General Advice  


Q: Will you be releasing Return to Play guidance?  

A: Our Return to Play Guidance can be seen here. This is a working document and will be altered with each change in Government restrictions.

Q: How do I stay healthy and well?   

A: Please follow Welsh Government advice, and bear in mind that it differs from England’s: 

Q: How can I look after my mental health in this time? 

A: We understand that this has been a difficult time for many. We strongly recommend the following resources, for coaches and for individuals: 

Mind | NSPCC | Mental Health Foundation | NHS | UKCoaching - Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity 

General play    

Q: How can I continue to play badminton?    

A: By following Welsh Government guidelines regarding social distancing you will be able to play singles indoors, or doubles between members of the same household, when we are in Tier 3. 2m social distancing must continue to be adhered to. For changes in our guidance, keep an eye on our Social Medias:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 

Q: How can I keep fit?    

A: There are lots of great ideas online to help you keep fit. We suggest you look at:    

Sport Wales - #BeActive | British Heart Foundation | Shuttle Time Cymru – Couch to Court, Badminton At Home 

Q: What is the status of Welsh Junior/National Squads team and pathway activity?   

A: Junior/National Squads are gradually being cleared for a Return to Play. We will continue to review the situation and will advise any changes to this position in line with the Roadmap to a return to play.