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Want to become a coach or looking to develop your coaching skills? At Badminton Wales we are strongly committed to supporting new and current coaches to become the best they can be. Find out more about our coaching pathway, courses and much more below. 

Coaches Register

Members of the Coaches Register are insured and licensed by Badminton Wales to carry out coaching activities within the parameters of the award they have gained. Acceptance onto the Coaches Register is subject to the satisfactory completion of a Disclosure & Barring Services (DBS) check.

Coaches are also expected to agree to and abide by the Badminton Wales Code of Ethics & Behaviours and Child Protection Policy. These documents together with further details about safeguarding children including DBS checks can be found in the Safeguarding & Child Protection section.

How to Join the Coaches Register

To join the coaches register please create an account on the new Badminton Wales membership system. Once you have an account you will be able to add a coaching membership and complete the online application process. For more information on how to access the membership system please go to the membership page here.

Safeguarding and Anti-Bullying

Badminton Wales is committed to ensuring that our clubs and coaches are trained in safeguarding and anti-bullying. To view our recommended safeguarding training plan, please click here.

DBS Checks (formally CRB Checks)

As part of our commitment to safeguarding in sport Badminton Wales now uses the Welsh Sports Association's (WSA) DBS Checking service to provide online criminal records checks. As part of this process, coaches will be automatically added to the DBS Update Service when they apply for a DBS check. As a result, individuals no longer have to apply for a new DBS check each time they apply for a position. Instead, they now only have to apply once to the Disclosure and Barring Service for a certificate and then go online for an instant check to find out if the existing certificate is still up to date. The updating service also allows organisations to check online whether new information has been added to the certificate since it was issued. This means that individuals need to have only one certificate to cover activities across multiple organisations as long as it relates to working with the same vulnerable group.

Coach Education

Badminton Wales works with the Badminton World Federation to provide coach education. We host a number of BWF L1 and BWF L2 courses throughout the year, in both North and South Wales. More information about the BWF Coach Education Programme can be found here.

To express your interest in the BWF Awards please contact [email protected]