Badminton Wales

urgent announcement


The Cardiff Junior Gold will return to a two-day event with the U-13 and U-17 events taking place on Saturday Jan 19th, 2019 and the U-15 being played on Sunday 20th, Jan 2019.  Both day’s play will commence at 10:00h. 

There will be no U-19 event.

As a result of this change, entries for all events will continue to be accepted or altered, until Friday 18th Jan at 09:00h.  Cash payments for the new events can be made on the day.  Refunds will be issued to those, if required.

The draw and running schedule will be published on the website by 17:00h on Friday 18th Jan.

The error was due to a publishing problem with Tournament Software.  Entries received did not show on the system, so it appeared as if there were only 13 entries in total.  Once this was discovered it was realised it is not possible to play all matches within time frame available on a single day.  This was added to by the departure of our Events co-ordinator, James Dowle, who no longer works for Badminton Wales.

Badminton Wales sincerely apologises for this confusion and hopes it does not affect your plans too much.

If you need to make any amendment to your entries, please (for this event only) can you e-mail directly, as soon as possible.