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u15 quadrangular series 2022


U15 Quadrangular Series 2022

The 2022 Quadrangular Series will take place in Dublin, Ireland from the 28th April – May 1st. 

The Quadrangular Series is considered a Developmental Event. 

The Quad series is an annual 4-Nations tournament with the best players u15 from each of Wales, Ireland, England and Scotland coming together for three days of intensive battle.   

The event comprises of a Team event where each team plays each other in 3 rounds on the Friday.  Saturday and Sunday see every player compete in the individual events. 

This year the event is for those players born in 2008+ 

Coaches for the Event will be Alex Dalton and Terrie Kelleher. 

Selection for this event will still be limited by COVID conditions and will be based on the generic criteria (outlined below) but for this specific event; any and all competitive U15 events that eligible players can compete in, will be looked at. 

The date of selection of the Team will be after the conclusion of the U15 Nationals on Sunday April 10th with the team announcement being made on w/c 11th April. 

Should the player be unavailable for the specific weekend, please let Badminton Wales know as soon as possible.  

Information for the parents of potential children. 

Transport will likely have a lunch time departure on Thursday 28th April. Returning Sunday 1st May after 18:00h. 

The hotel used will be the CLAYTON HOTEL DUBLIN AIRPORT. 

Player Contribution. 

While BW will make every effort to reduce costs, the likely player contribution will be in the region of £175. 

However, any fundraising initiatives/ideas will be greatly appreciated.  Funds raised will go directly to reducing the player contribution. 

Badminton Wales has set up an Easy Fund Raising Feel Good Shopping link, in to which funds raised will be used to subsidise events, coach education and development. 


Selection Criteria / Performance Objectives 

The Selectors will select players that in their view are fulfilling the below criteria in the most competitive and appropriate way.  

Eligibility for Selection  

  • Commitment to Badminton Wales training structure within a club/squad group plus a positive attitude to development.  
  • Attendance at a Badminton Wales Training Centre / Developmental Hub / High-Performance / Senior Squad Camp / Club support is preferable (or agreed alternative).   
  • Players must demonstrate a competitive tournament programme relevant to the age group. Consideration for selection will be taken at the following domestic tournaments: Badminton Wales Junior and Dragon Series Events, Junior National Championships at age group level and the age group above and Senior National Championships.  
  • Badminton England/Scotland Circuit Grading will be taken into consideration and tournament results at Bronze/Silver/Gold standard.   
  • International events sanctioned by Badminton Europe or BWF.  
  • If directed, players should report all tournament results to the Performance Coaches / Player Manager on a regular basis and keep their Google Results Sheet up to date.   
  • Attendance, behaviour, and performance of players will be constantly reviewed throughout the season. Consideration for selection will take all of these areas into consideration.  
  • All Badminton Wales fees must be up-to-date to include: - 
    Performance Academy Annual Fee 
    Team Event Fees   


Players must demonstrate: 

  • Good coach-ability with regards to attitude towards training.  
  • A strong desire and ambition to improve  
  • Can integrate within a group environment  

Players need to:  

  • Be technically proficient  
  • Offer a good understanding of basic skills and tactics.  
  • Have the ability to cope within a competitive environment.  
  • Be attached to a recognised BW National Age Group squad/Developmental Hub or receiving documented regular coaching either privately or within a club, from a registered BW coach.  
  • Be exposed to regular competitive play through club and / or county and within the domestic tournament structures within Wales and/or England.  
  • Be capable of travelling independently within a team structure governed by BW Team Selection guidelines.   This includes being able to control their own healthy diet during the event. 
  • A strong physical profile demonstrating key physical attributes.  
  • Final placements of tournaments (e.g. Semi Final) and the strength of tournament will be taken into consideration by the selection panel along with head-to-head results before any judgment or decision will be made.  
  • Badminton England Grading will be considered along with the grading of the tournaments entered.  
  • Badminton Wales will identify specific key events U15 players must attend to fulfil their eligibility for consideration for any team event selection. (Singles results will be a priority, doubles and mixed results will also be considered as part of the selection process) 
  • 8 Competitions in total in the preceding 18 months (COVID permitting)  
  • National Championships U15 & U17  
  • 3 Badminton Wales Junior Series events  
  • 3 Badminton England graded Events.  

(head-to-head, standard of tournament & draws will also be taken into considered) 

The following tournaments must be competed at, and selection will be based on the results at the following events: -