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rod chambers tribute

Rod Chambers Tribute

Badminton Wales

Badminton Wales would like to pay tribute to its former President, Rod Chambers, who sadly passed away recently.

Rod’s involvement in badminton in Wales commenced in the early 1970's and he contributed hugely to its development and running for more than 40 years.

In the Conwy area he was involved with the setting up of The North Wales Badminton Centre in Deganwy and was one of the original 7 shareholders of the Trustees along with Margaret Newton, Russell Gradwell, Lawrence Jones and Megan Taylor. He became Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of the Conwy County Badminton Association and only reluctantly reduced his involvement in 2014. During this period he was also involved with team selection and provided transport for the County Team.

Rod joined the English Badminton Umpires Association prior to the setting up of the Welsh Badminton Umpires Association around 1980. He also qualified as a Referee and was Deputy Referee at the Welsh International event for many years.

He was on the Northern Zone Committee when Badminton Wales was in its infancy and, along with Clyd Davies, was instrumental in setting up the regulations for the Welsh Badminton Union Ltd. He later became President of Badminton Wales, a post he held for 15 years until his resignation in 2015.

Rod was an ever present at the Welsh International event for many years, travelling down to Cardiff from Conwy with his friend David Shore and their wives and engaging en route in an in-depth analysis of the state of badminton in Conwy and who was coming to the International,  who wasn’t and why. Even when he wasn’t the Deputy Referee he still undertook numerous other roles during the event.

Rod Chambers was Badminton - he was a very humble man and someone who liked to have everything right. His heart was in badminton, he wanted the best for the game and, without his input, badminton would not have developed either in North West Wales or indeed across Wales.

Badminton Wales would like to thank Rod for the massive contribution that he made. He will be greatly missed by all his family and friends.