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hp/dg training update

HP/DG Training Update

DG SE Shuttle Throw

Badminton Wales are currently in the process of re-structuring the delivery of its school holiday camps. We are aiming to phase out the traditional Development Group camp which has normally been held through the summer holidays; this will make way for the new more balanced approach offering more opportunity of court time at a more regional level making the sessions far more accessible to all of our players across the country. The additional sessions will be held in-line with our current DG/HP structure of sessions in North Wales, West Wales and South/East Wales. This new approach will allow our Badminton Wales coaches far more contact time with our players over a concentrated period of time enabling us the time to develop our players further. 


As many of you will be aware Badminton Wales have been trialing the additional school holiday sessions at all of the DG/HP Centres across the country over the past 6 months; the reaction and support from players and parents has been very positive and as a result Badminton Wales wish to expand on this by extending the additional sessions across the summer holidays. We aim to provide further information in the next couple of weeks regarding venue, times, dates and cost for the upcoming additional training opportunities.  


If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact Matt Hughes