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have you renewed your membership yet?


Have you renewed your membership yet?

Firstly, a huge well done from all of us at BW for getting to the end of 2020. The fact that it was done without a Godzilla sighting is very exciting for all of us. Meanwhile, 2021 has some great things in store for us, so read on to hear all about it! 

With this year’s season having been extended until December 31st, the time to renew is now! This year, all individual and junior memberships will run for a year from date of purchase. Click here to renew. If you run into any issues, you can contact our team here!


So, what’s coming up?

We’re glad you asked! With 2020 having given us loads of time to catch up with ourselves, 2021 is going to be filled with great badminton! You can expect:

  • Talent ID days for juniors, starting at the end of January.

  • Badminton Wales Aspire Scheme for youths.

  • Graded tournaments for every player in Wales.

  • National Singles Ladder.

  • Coach Education - Badminton World Federation Level 1.

  • The usual Badminton Wales tournaments including Senior and Junior Nationals, Vets, Victor Welsh International, etc.

  • An increase in opportunities to train up as a technical official.

  • AirBadminton popping up around the country.

  • Volunteering opportunities at a wealth of events.

    …And much more!

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