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bw events update

BW Events Update

Badminton Wales are excited to announce the new Badminton Wales Events Calendar structure for the upcoming 2017-18 season.

These changes have come as a result of feedback which has been gathered from Players, Parents, Tournament Organisers and Coaches since January.  
The Events Officer met with North and South Wales Organisers in July to present the plans for the 2017-18 and gain further feedback. The response was very positive and both Badminton Wales and the Tournament Organisers are excited by the prospect of what next season will bring.

A new series of events will be piloted at both Junior and Senior Level where all players will advance from the group stages regardless of their final group position. The aim of this series is to offer competitors an opportunity to play a wider variety of players, to be inclusive of all and to offer everyone an equal amount of match practice.
As this is a piloting season we will only host 1 junior and 1 senior event in North Wales, Mid Wales and South Wales. Feedback will be gathered and the system will be reassessed at the end of the season.

Season 2017-18 will also see Tournament Organisers receiving more support than previously with a lot of the hefty admin work being done by the Events and Marketing Officer.

Entries will be made online via our new Tournament Software website.
This will bring Badminton Wales in line with other federations across the globe who use online entry and Tournament Software to register, access and advertise their events. It will also help with ease of entry for both Tournament Organiser and Entrant.
The website is currently  under construction and will be live shortly.

An entry fee payment deadline of 48 hours prior to event will be instilled for all competitors and no cash will be accepted on the day of events. Players who fail to pay by the deadline will be withdrawn from the event. 
This is to 
 to ensure that the required funds are received to run the event in advance  and to also lift some of the stresses Tournament Organisers face in the build up to, during and after their event.  Payments will need to be made to Badminton Wales by BACS/bank transfer for all events. 

Badminton Wales will also look to provide Officials, where required and where available, for all of it's events at no cost to the Tournament Organisers.

An overview of the re-branding and changes can be downloaded here:

For clarity on Age Group Eligibility for this coming season please click here.

Regulations for each series and the new Events Calendar will be published along with a FAQ page in the next week to help answer any questions you may have.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Carissa Turner.