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2015 junior shuttle finals

2015 Junior Shuttle Finals

This weekend saw the Junior Shuttle Finals at The Flash Leisure Centre, Welshpool.

There were some great matches across all the events and age groups and the day was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

A big thanks to all the players and parents for making their way to Welshpool and making the event a great success. 

Below is a list of the winners and runners-up for each event. 

For a full set of results, please click here and for photos from the event, please click here. 


 Winner  Runner-Up
 U11 Boys' Singles  Joe Howells (Hereford)  Tom Morgan (Gwent)
 U11 Girls' Singles  Jasmine Owen (Pembrokeshire)  Ella Williams (Hereford)

U11 Shuttle Finals 2015


 Winner  Runner-Up
 U13 Boys' Singles  William Jowett (South Glam)  Charlie Cahill (NEWBA)
 U13 Girls' Singles  Cherisse Lau (Mid Glam)  Carys B Jones (NEWBA)
 U13 Boys' Doubles  Dylan Colmer / William Jowett
 (South Glam)
 Alfie Moorcroft / Charlie Cahill (NEWBA)
 U13 Girls' Doubles  Leah Jannings / Carys Jones
 (Cheshire / NEWBA)
 Isabella Morris / Saffron Morris
 (Mid Glam)

 U13 Shuttle Finals 2015


 Winner  Runner- Up
 U15 Boys' Singles  Ben Phillips (Hereford)  Luc Sinnadurai (Powys)
 U15 Girls' Singles  Ellie Mae Ward (Shropshire)  Lauren Edwards (Gwent)
 U15 Boys' Doubles  Ben Phillips /Max Williams 
 William Summors / Alex Grayer
 U15 Girls' Doubles  Charlotte Baguley / Rebecca Williams
 (South Glam)
 Aliza Khan / Lauren Edwards 
 (South Glam / Gwent)

U13 Shuttle Finals 2015


 Winner  Runner-Up
 U17 Boys' Singles   Fraser Sudder (Shropshire)  Brandon Evans (SAWGBA)
 U17 Boys' Doubles  Fraser Sudder / Aiden Short  (Shropshire)  Michael Pritchard / David Wedge  (NEWBA)

 U17 Shuttle Finals 2015