Welsh Universities Partnership

Badminton Wales is enthusiastic about encouraging its High Performance players to consider Welsh Universities when planning further education.
During the initial stages of tertiary education, seamlessly slotting into an HP training environment can be difficult and momentum can often be lost.  Badminton Wales recognises this issue and in order to provide certain benefits to our top players, we are delighted to announce the establishment of partnerships with the following Welsh Universities:

University  Contact Email Tel No
Aberystwyth University Craig Heptinstall Crh13@aber.ac.uk   TBC
Bangor University Josh Backhouse tcu207@bangor.ac.uk TBC
Cardiff University John O'Rourke ORourkeJ2@cardiff.ac.uk TBC
Cardiff Met University Nic Strange nstrange@cardiffmet.ac.uk TBC
Glamorgan University Sam Page Sampage-sja@hotmail.co.uk TBC
Swansea University Sophie Ttophi/David Richardson




For more information about the partnership initiative and badminton at Welsh Universities, please click here.

For University-specific details about the benefits of badminton at a particular institution, please contact the relevant University contact listed above.

It is hoped that more Welsh Universities will join the partnership in the future.