Progressing Technical Practices Workshop

Workshop synopsis:

UKCC Level 1 introduces coaches to the concept of how to coach a stroke encouraging the use of the mnemonic I.D.E.A.S as a prompt when teaching a stroke to a player.

I - Introduce the stroke
D - Demonstrate it (ideally by the coach)
E - Explain what the stroke is for tactically and provide some Key Technical Elements
A - Activity is designed which allows trial, practice and correction
S - Summarise I.D.E and question to check learning  

This process is suitable as a starter tool if done correctly, but doesn’t provide any insight into the process which lies ahead and how a stroke can be taken from its embryonic stage to helping the player using it in a competitive match situation.

This workshop takes the UKCC Level 1 process a stage further and towards UKCC Level 2, providing information which can guide the coach in helping a player to go beyond beginner stage.

Who is the workshop aimed at?

Coaches qualified at UKCC Levels 1 and 2 who wish to gain information on how to improve performance through the effective progression of technical practices.

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Price categories:

£10.00  Badminton Wales Coaches Register Member
£12.50  Badminton Wales Member
£15.00  Non Member