Shuttle Time Reports

Shuttle Time Teacher Course Coleg Cambria 22 January 2018

Shuttle Time returned to Coleg Cambria Deeside Campus in January 2018. This course was re-scheduled due to having to cancel the original course because of the heavy snowfall we had in December.

The sport students taking part on the course were shown how to use the extensive Shuttle Time resources and took part in delivering a number of different exercises contained in the Lesson Plans to each other.

coleg cambria

During the practical session, students were able to reflect on their own and others tasks, where they could focus on what was successful and what could be improved when delivering the exercises. By doing this in a closed environment, this will give them the confidence to go out and deliver enjoyable and successful sessions to children across the region.

Tutor Luke Tanner commented, “It has been extremely encouraging to see so many young people in the beginnings of their sport vocational journey wanting to engage in the Shuttle Time course, especially as badminton isn’t most of the students’ main sport. It’s also great to see the students have already signed up to delivering Shuttle Time to primary school children at a Shuttle Time Festival organised by the Flintshire Sport Development Team.” 

coleg cambria

Shuttle Time Teacher Course Deeside Leisure Centre 12 January 2018

The first Shuttle Time teachers’ course of 2018 took place in the Local Authority of Flintshire, at Deeside Leisure Centre. 18 candidates, who work in a range of different environments, including Flintshire Sports Development, primary and secondary schools, club coaches and Leisure Centre staff, attended the course.

During the course, candidates learnt not only how to deliver badminton sessions to children using the Shuttle Time resources, but also valuable coaching tips to build their confidence and knowledge prior to going out to deliver badminton sessions in their community settings.

Tutor Luke Tanner commented, "It was great to see candidates from such a wide variety of sectors in the community, in which badminton can be delivered. This means that children will be able to access badminton more easily from a greater number of different environments. It also meant that during the course, the candidates used a variety of different ways in which Shuttle Time could be delivered to children, which will only further help the candidates to deliver Shuttle Time more confidently and effectively.”

On the back of this course, the Flintshire Sports Development Team will be holding a Shuttle Time festival on January 23rd for a number of primary schools across the County, which will give a large number of primary school children a chance to try badminton in one place.

flint ST course

Shuttle Time Teacher Course St Mellons Community Centre - 5 November 2017

The BWF Shuttle Time course was attended on the 5 November 2017 by clubs, coaches and young leaders at St Mellons Community Centre.  The candidates will be delivering Shuttle Time to children within their schools and clubs.  The candidates thoroughly enjoyed participating in the shuttle time activities whilst gaining an understanding of the shuttle time initiative.   

ST mellons

They all found the resources extremely useful especially that the App that can be downloaded onto tablets and phones.  One candidate commented that "it was great to have a comprehensive lesson plan which tells you how to deliver the session, how to adapt the session to include different levels and also what equipment to use.  In addition to this is the 92 video clips that help clarify what you are delivering and makes it clear for the children to see what the activity is".  Well done to all candidates!

st mellons 2

Shuttle Time Teacher Course Neath Port Talbot College - 1 November 2017

Shuttle Time was presented to a group of Teachers, Coaches and Sports Leaders from the Powys area on 1st November 2017. The course was run at the Builth Wells Leisure Centre  and presented to a group of highly dedicated participants who intended to go on and deliver Shuttletime within Powys Schools.

 Builth 1

The course demonstrated how to use the comprehensive resources in order to structure a complete introduction to playing badminton. Follow up sessions are going to be run in the various schools as the Shuttletime programme is being run.

builth 2

Shuttle Time Teacher Course Neath Port Talbot College - 27 October 2017

Shuttle Time returned to Neath in South Wales on 27th October 2017. The course was also run at the Llandarcy Academy of Sport and was delivered to another group of the sports academy students who were being trained to deliver badminton to primary school children as part of their course.

nptc hp 1

The students were very enthusiastic, using the Shuttle time resources to teach one another how to play badminton and how to run enjoyable sessions. The students were so signed up to the course that they continued playing throughout their breaks. 

nptc hp 4

Shuttle Time Teacher Course Neath Port Talbot College - 20 October 2017

Shuttle Time made it’s first visit to Neath in South Wales on 20th October 2017. The course was run at the Llandarcy Academy of Sport and was delivered to the sports academy students who were being trained to deliver badminton to primary school children as part of their course.  They will be delivering shuttle time sessions on a weekly basis to children for local primary schools.

nptc hp 3

The students used the Shuttle time resources to teach one another how to play badminton and how to run enjoyable sessions. The feedback was very positive and all students made excellent progress throughout the day. They found the online resources easy to use and just what they need to deliver sessions to primary school children.

nptc hp 2

Shuttle Time Teacher Course Swansea - 10 September 2017

Shuttle Time made it’s first visit to Swansea in South Wales and was received very well by a Minorities Community group.  Twenty two coaches gave up their day and worked extremely hard  delivering sessions to one another.  

st swansea

By the end, not only could they see the value of the tremendous resources that Shuttle Time provides, they also understood the demands    that coaches can have placed on them. The participants saw how ST will be of great benefit in teaching their young players some of the fundamental skills of badminton but also saw he value of these same techniques when applied to their senior players. 

st swansea

The sound of laughter rang through the halls during the exercises.  It  was a fun course to deliver!

st swansea

Congratulations to all who attended and to Badminton Wales for delivering yet again.

st swansea

The participants made the course a success.

Bring on the next one!

Shuttle Time Teacher Course Cardiff - 4 May 2017

The first Shuttle Time course in South Wales was completed at Ysgol Glantaf Cardiff on the 4th of May. The course consisted of 11 participants ranging from Primary and Secondary school teachers,local club coaches and University students.The mix of participants provided the course with some valuable insight to how the Shuttle Time program can be adapted  in many different ways.

shuttle time 2 

The teachers and coaches were put through their paces by participating and completing numerous tasks and fun activities that the Shuttle Time program has to offer.The course focus is the delivery aspect of Shuttle Time, the theory side is minimal designed to enable teachers and coaches more time working with children. The resources make this this possible by having 22 session plans mapped out with accompanying videos via its extensive online and mobile app resources.  .

shuttle time 5 

All of the activities within the initiative are fun based activities starting with balloon games to help build the confidence of the children participating. 

shuttle time 6  

All 11 participants thoroughly enjoyed the course and are now able to deliver Shuttle Time within their school or club environment.  Tutor Donal O'Halloran commented that "The course was excellent with the all participants showing an incredible appetite and enthusiasm for the Shuttle Time initiative.Those with no badminton experience were able to deliver sessions with good technical instruction, and a lot of fun too.Those with badminton knowledge were able to focus on delivering at an appropriate level to young people who have no experience of the game. Congratulations to all who attended and we look forward to seeing you delivering your sessions and posting your experience within the Shuttle Time Wales Community via Facebook.

shuttle time 1 

For further information on the Shuttle Time Wales initiative please contact Angela Stevens at   

Shuttle Time Teacher Course North Wales - 16 January 2017

Shuttle time north 

The BWF Shuttle Time Teachers course was attended by over 20 Secondary School teachers from across the North Wales Region.  The teachers learnt how to use the different resources provided to help them deliver badminton to their pupils alongside delivering practical sessions.

All the participants were very enthusiastic about the course and how the resources can help them deliver badminton more effectively within their schools.

For further information on Shuttle Time please contact Angela Stevens at