Player Profile - Oliver Gwilt

DOB: 28.06.93

Hometown: Guilsfield

Current location: Shrewsbury

Discipline/s: Mens Doubles and Mixed Doubles

Squad: Senior Squad and HPC North

Sponsor: Yonex

BWF Player Profile: Oliver Gwilt

Biggest achievement: Getting into the Top 100 in my 1st year as a senior and also a bronze medal in the Mixed at the Junior European Championships

Other than the Welsh International, my favourite tournament is… the Spanish Open (Challenger)

Best tip for tournaments: Eat and drink well especially in hot countries

Favourite workout song: Anything with a good beat

Favourite training session: Doubles sparring

Least favourite training session: Physical, obviously.

Favourite piece of sporting kit: My Yonex Vest Tops

Biggest fear: Heights

My Idol/hero/role model is… Ryan Giggs

If I wasn’t a full time athlete I would be… a plasterer, no doubt.

Favourite/best piece of advice you have been given: No one ever remembers a runner-up

When I retire from being an athlete I will… see what comes my way

Sporting ambition: To be the very best I can be

Proudest moment of my life so far: Receiving my 1st senior cap for Wales whilst being in my last year of Under 19's. Also being the only player in UK to come home with a bronze medal for mixed doubles at the U17 Junior European Championships.

Food: guilty pleasure: Nandos and an Indian

Favourite training fuel: Chicken, pasta, bananas and Red Bull

Couldn’t live without: My car

When I stop competing I will… cross that bridge when I come to it

Apart from badminton, my favourite sport is… Rugby

If I wasn’t a badminton player, I’d play… rugby or try out boxing

Random fact: I am OCD with cleaning especially cars!