Player Profile - Dan Font

DOB: 22/02/1993

Hometown: Mold

Current location: Mold

Discipline/s: Singles and Mens Doubles

Squad: Senior/ HPC North

Sponsor: Yonex

BWF Player Profile: Dan Font 

Biggest achievement: Winning the Mens doubles at the Irish Futures International; not bad for my first senior year!

Other than the Welsh International, my favourite tournament is… the Scottish Open

Best tip for tournaments: Go in with confidence

Favourite workout song: Eminem – Lose yourself

Favourite training session: 2 V 1

Least favourite training session: Shadowing

Biggest fear: Bad injury

My Idol/hero/role model is… Lin Dan

If I wasn’t a full time athlete I would be… PE teacher

Favourite/best piece of advice you have been given: If you want it, work hard for it

When I retire from being an athlete I will… become a coach

Sporting ambition: To play in the Commonwealths and the Olympics

Proudest moment of my life so far: Winning the Mens Singles title at the National Championships

Food: guilty pleasure: McDonalds

Favourite training fuel: Dates

Couldn’t live without: My phone

When I stop competing I will… coach others

Superstitions/routines: Warm up well

Apart from badminton, my favourite sport is… Football

If I wasn’t a badminton player, I’d play … Football

Random fact: I am a former UK ballroom champion