Player Profile - Carissa Turner


DOB: 06/08/1989

Hometown: Cardiff

Current location: Cardiff

Disciplines: Ladies Singles 

Squad: Wales

BWF Player Profile: Carissa Turner



Biggest achievement: 
World Ranking highs of 86 Singles, 52 Doubles. Cyprus International Women’s Singles R-Up. Cyprus, Iceland, Portuguese Women’s Doubles Winner. Three Time National Singles and Six Time Doubles Champion. Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010 and Glasgow 2014.

Other than the Welsh International, my favourite tournament is…  Any team event; I love the atmosphere of everyone coming together to support each other and we always have a great laugh.

Best tip for tournaments:  You need a good eating routine and to get to the hall in plenty of time to warm up but don’t stay there too long in between matches. Even if you can’t go back to the hotel, go for a walk or just to the cafe to get out of the hall

Favourite workout song:  It’s always changing but Calvin Harris’s 18 Months album has some great upbeat songs.

Favourite training session:  When I feel I’ve learnt or mastered something new

Least favourite training session:  400m sprint intervals. Bluh!! They should be illegal

Favourite piece of sporting kit:  My  compression shorts & socks

My Idol/hero/role model is…  My Mum

If I wasn’t a full time athlete I would be…  A TV Presenter

Favourite/best piece of advice you have been given:  Learn from your mistakes, n o matter how many times you get knocked down keep getting back up and t reat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

Sporting ambition:  Commonwealth Games Medal

Food: guilty pleasure:  Salt and Vinegar Crisps

Favourite training fuel:  Pasta

Couldn’t live without:  My family and dog

Superstitions/routines:  To help me focus after the initial knock up on court I then have to re-tie my shoe laces and have a sip of my drink

Random fact:  I’ve done a bit of modelling before.