Player Profile - Aimee Moran 

DOB: 04/09/1994

Hometown: Cwmgwrach, Neath

Current location: Loughborough University

Discipline/s: Singles

Squad: Senior

BWF Player Profile: Aimee Moran

Sporting History: Started playing when I was 7 at the same time as playing table tennis.

Biggest achievement: Receiving Senior Welsh Cap last season

Other than the Welsh International, my favourite tournament is…the European Championships

Best tip for tournaments: Make sure the few days training prior to it are good preparation, it can raise confidence and refresh things in your mind ready for the tournament.

Favourite training session: Multi shuttle

Least favourite training session: Technical shot practice

Favourite/best piece of advice you have been given: If you don't believe you can win, you never will.

When I retire from being an athlete I will… be training to be an Accountant

Sporting ambition: Achieve a medal at Commonwealth Games

Food: guilty pleasure: Chocolate

Favourite training fuel: Chicken and rice

Couldn’t live without: Family and friends

When I stop competing I will…work full time

Random fact: I used to play in the Welsh U11s table tennis squad.