Organising a Badminton Wales Event

Badminton Wales Sanctioned Tournaments 

Badminton Wales currently sanction a variety of different tournaments throughout the season. 

These tournaments include: Junior Shuttle Circuit, Junior Open Series and Senior Satellite Series. 

We are always looking to add more events to our Events Calendar.  Whether you are a County Organisation, Club or even an individual who just loves badminton, anyone can become a Tournament Organiser for a Badminton Wales Event.

How do I get my tournament sanctioned?

Please complete the BW Event Form and return it either by email or post to Badminton Wales as specified in the form.

What is the sanction fee?

In order to run your event through Badminton Wales, a sanction fee must be paid. The fee to sanction an event varies depending on the type of tournament you wish to run:

  • Junior Shuttle Event - £20
  • Junior Open Event - £25
  • Senior Satellite Event - £30 

Payment can be made via Cheque or BACS transfer.

What benefits do I receive?

If you decide to run a Badminton Wales Sanctioned Event, you will receive a 'BW Tournament Pack.' This pack will include:

Your event will also be advertised regularly by Badminton Wales on our website, as well as through Twitter and Facebook.

To find out more about organising a Badminton Wales event, please contact our Events Officer Carissa Turner .