Junior Events & Selection Criteria

Badminton Wales are committed to selecting a team to travel to the upcoming events listed below. All events will be organised by badminton wales staff. Badminton Wales will provide a minimum of two officials to travel with the team. All arrangements surrounding flights, accommodation and travel between hotel and venue will be arranged by Badminton Wales. 

Pre-event camp TBC     

U13 Celtic Challenge - 11th – 12th February 2017 (Lothian, Scotland)

Pre Event Camp Olve - 10th-13th of April (SWNC) 

U11/13/15 Jot Olve - 15th - 17th April 2017 (Belgium). Selection Criteria can be found here

Pre-event camp TBC

U15 Quadrangular - 28th – 30th April 2017 (Dublin, Ireland)

Pre-event camp TBC

U11/13/15 Glasgow International - 19th- 21st May 2017 (Scotland)  

To compete in the listed events players will be selected via the Badminton Wales selection panel in accordance to the Team Selection and Eligibility Criteria which can be found here.  

In preparation for the events a pre-event camp will be held in running up to all of the event, all selected players will be expected to attend the pre-event camps to enable the coaches to work with the players and to encourage and promote a good team spirit. More information will be provided soon regarding the location and dates of the pre-event camps.