Badminton Wales History

A brief look back in time to the beginning of badminton in Wales.


Roll of Honour

A list of the significant achievements by Welsh players in recent times.

Roll of Honour

Life Members, Meritorius Awards and IBF Awards

A list of those members who have been honoured with the Badminton Wales Life Member and Meritorious award for an outstanding contribution to Badminton in Wales. The IBF (now BWF) Meritorious award is the highest honour to be presented to a volunteer from a member nation for an outstanding contribution to the sport of Badminton.

Life Members

National Championships Winners

The Senior Welsh National Championships were first played in 1937 in Llandudno, North Wales at the delightful Craigside Hydro hotel, a rather grand hotel with its own badminton courts. The singles and level doubles events were not introduced until 1960 and 1959 respectively.

National Winners

Welsh International (Open) Winners

In 1928 the North Wales Badminton Union transformed itself into the Welsh Badminton Union and the annual Welsh Championships were instituted, the first being played in season 1927-28 at Wrexham.

Welsh International Winners