Badminton Wales

wint day 2 recap

Day 2 Recap (am.)

Words: Zoe Parmenter


The second day of Badminton Wales kicked off in an arena filled with anticipation, from both the players and the crowd. With the expectation of high-quality badminton, the spectators were not disappointed by the matches played. There was vocal support that didn’t go undeserved as the players performed to the highest levels of their abilities, providing excellent entertainment foe everyone watching.

One of the first matches of the morning was the mixed doubles between Max Flynn and Annie Lado of England, and Matt Grimley and Sarah Sidebottom of Scotland. Both pairs were evenly matched, with the first game ending in a tiebreak that Flynn and Lado won. Grimley and Sidebottom pulled away in the second game and maintained that dominance for the second and third games. Grimley and Sidebottom won the match, with the final score being 21-23, 21-15, 21-16.

Lukas Resch and Hannah Pohl of Germany played Akexander Dunn and Ciara Torrance of Scotland, a match filled with clean, precise play. Resch and Pohl won, the final score being 21-17, 16-21, 21-12.

Norway’s Carl Christian Mork and Solvår Flåten Jørgensen stood out in their mixed doubles match against England’s Timothy Hull and Kiara Henry. They worked together seamlessly, which translated into fluid play that won them the match, the final score being 21-10, 21-11.

Several of the matches this morning were between very closely matched opponents, which lead to some excitingly close results. Paul Reynolds and Rachael Darragh of Ireland played Matthew Clare and Hope Warner of England possibly the closest match of the morning. Clare developed a knee injury in the first game but was treated by a medic and continued to play. Both pairs played well with the first game going to Clare and Warner on a tiebreak. Despite Reynolds and Darragh winning the second game, Clare and Warner came back fighting to take the third game and the match, with the final score being 26-24, 16-21, 21-11.

The match between England’s Sam Parsons and Ireland’s Jonathan Dolan was also closely matched. Both players were dynamic and made full use of the court, with powerful play. The second game was closer than the first, however Parsons pulled away at the end to take the win, with the final result being 21-17, 21-17.

Christian Kirchmayr of Switzerland played Alvaro Vazquez of Spain in a competitive and passionate match. The first game was intense, with both players venting their happiness and frustration vocally. After a tiebreaker first game, Vazquez pulled away to win the match, with the final score being 23-21, 21-6.

It’s been a morning of great play here at Badminton Wales, with the afternoon promising many more exciting matches and excellent badminton.