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wilson tackles the irish para badminton international


Wilson Tackles The Irish Para-Badminton International.

The week of the 17th of June saw Welsh player Jack Wilson tackling the Irish Para-Badminton International. Before he flew out to Dublin, Jack had attended his first GB team development camp and dedicated several weeks to improving his technical play. This, coupled with an increase in strength training, meant that Jack was able to confidently handle the demands placed on him during the tournament. Jack set out to take the tournament one game at a time, one point at a time – and this he did superbly.

Faced with a difficult draw, Jack couldn’t make it as far in the tournament as he had hoped. However, the tournament provided an invaluable measure of just how far Jack has come. During heated moments, Jack’s decision making was cool and collected. He was able to apply a new serving technique and to experiment with further tweaks needed to it. Jack was set head to head with several Asian players, and enjoyed the opportunity to measure his level against theirs whilst appreciating a difference in playing styles. Jack takes on the Worlds in just a few short weeks time, and we wish him all the best as he continues to train and improve. Pwb lwc!