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wales vs. ukaf


Wales Vs. UK Armed Forces

On the 24th of August, members of the Welsh Squad and the UK Armed Forces team reconvened for a superb display of sportsmanship. This year's event was held on Welsh home soil, with every game being fought for until the last. 

The first match was between Wales' Tsung Fon Mo and UKAF's Timothy Hull and lasted well over an hour - this set the tone for the entire day, with Wales having to work hard for every point. The final score does not reflect the tension of the tournament, with Wales winning 44-4. A full breakdown of the scores can be seen here: Wales Vs UKAF

Welsh coach Huw John says that the results speak for themselves. Meanwhile, we are incredibly proud of all of our players - especially of those for whom this was their first senior match. Congratulations, Wales!