Badminton Wales

wales select vs. british police 6th november 2019


Wales Select vs. British Police 6th November 2019

Text by: John Walsh, Chief Technical Official 


Men’s Singles

Between Will Kitching (WS) vs. Tony Stephenson (BP)
First game was a real battle between the players with Tony winning the first game 21-19. Second game started off well but soon became obvious that Will was not going without a fight. The match reached 20 points all with the points going back and forth until Will won
25-23. Final match, Tony crept away with a small lead, 11-6. He changed ends and points went back and forth until eventually Tony won 21-15, what a great match! This set the tone for the rest of the tournament. British Police 1-0

Between Tsung Fong Mo (WS) vs. Tim Cope (BP), Tsung Fong Mo won the first game
21-15. Second game, Tim started off well leading 5-3 but Tsung Fong Mo came back fighting to 11-8 at the interval and went on to win 21-11. Wales 1-1

Ladies Singles

Between Bethan Higginson (WS) vs. Learna Herkes (BP)
At 11 all Bethan had a run of points 17-11 eventually winning the game 21-13. The second game was very similar to the first game with Bethan leading 11-9 at the interval and again having a run of points 17-9 to win 21-13. British Police 2-1

Between Jess Ding (BW) vs. Heather McDonald (BP)
Jess had a good start at 11-9 at the interval then another good run of points to win the game 21-10. The second game Jess was just in the lead at the interval at 11-9 and went on to win 21-13. Wales 2-2

Men’s Doubles

Between Adam Stewart / Andy Jones (BW) vs. Tony Stevenson / Ashley Gibson (BP)
A good start for Tony & Ashley leading 11-5 at the interval but Adam & Andy came back into the game narrowly losing 21-18. The second game was much closer with Adam & Andy leading 11-10 at the interval but Tony & Adam came back to win a very close second game at 22-20. British Police 3-2

Between Will Kitching / Andy Oates(BW) vs. Tim Cope / Paul Grimley (BP)
A very tight game up to the interval with Will & Andy just ahead 11-9. Will & Andy went on to win 21-14 The second game Will & Andy had a flying start with 11-2 at the interval, keeping the pressure on winning second game 21-8. Wales 3-3

At this point the match was poised at 3 games all.

Ladies Doubles

Between Alice Rhodes / Katie Whitman (BW) vs. Bethan Higginson / Emma Higgs (BP).
Bethan & Emma comfortably won first game 21-16 and it became apparent that this was going to be a tough match. The second game was close at the interval with Alice & Katie just ahead at 11-10. They fought their way to win the second game 21-19. The third game was going to be a very hard fought match with Bethan & Emma just ahead at the interval 11-8 but Alice & Katie came back to take the final game 21-17. Wales 4-3

Between Sammy Hutt / Jess Ding (BW) vs. Beki Hutt / Katie King (BP)
Another hard fought game with Sammy & Jess just ahead at the interval 11-8 holding on to the lead to win 21-19. The second game Beki & Katie were just in the lead at the interval

11-10 but Sammy & Jess took the game at 21-16. Wales 5-3

Again very close at 5 games to 3.

Mixed Doubles

Between Sammy Hutt / Scott Oates (BW) vs. Bethan Higginson / Tony Stephenson (BP).
The first game was close with Tony & Bethan taking the lead at the interval 11-8. They continued to stay in front wining the game by 21-10. The second game Tony & Bethan stormed off to a lead of 11-5 at the interval, maintaining the lead to win the second game
21-14. British Police 4-5

Wales 5 games to 4.

Second Mixed Doubles

Between Katie Whiteman / Andy Oates (BW) vs. Heather McDonald / Paul Grimley (BP).
Andy and Katie got off to a good start at 11-6 at the interval keeping the lead and wining the game 21-10. Wales 6-4

Wales 6 games to 4

Final Mixed Doubles

Between Alice Rhodes / Victor Pang (BW) vs. Beki Hutt / Ashley Gibson BP).
All to play for, Alice and Victor who were just ahead 11-9 at the interval. Keeping the pressure on, they stayed ahead winning 21-15. Again Alice and Victor just stay ahead 11-9 at the interval having a run of points up to 16-9 finally wining the game 21-16 and the match
7-4. Wales 7-4