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victor welsh junior nationals 2019

Victor Welsh Junior Nationals 2019

The highlight of the Badminton Wales Junior badminton calendar took place over the weekend on the 16th/17 Feb.  Under the watchful eye of tournament referee Stephen Temple and his team, the Victor Badminton Wales Junior Nationals saw a collection of the best junior players, from all over Wales, coming together for a feast of competitive badminton in Sport Wales National Centre.  With age groups starting as young as U11, we were treated to a glimpse of the future with excellent performances throughout.

As ever the SWNC looked magnificent with 6 courts in full flow over the 2 days.  While the set up looked great, it was the quality of the badminton from all the players that took centre stage.  From the youngest battlers to the more seasoned players, there were epic contests at every event.

Special congratulations must go to Saffron Morris for winning all 6 of her events entered.  The U13 events, with her brother Zach in the XD and Hannah Ahmad in the GD.  She also won the singles in the U15 and partnered Harper Leigh in the XD and Maisie Kite in the GD.

Other multiple winners included Lowri Hart who took the singles and doubles in both the U17 and U19 Categories.  Aimie Whiteman who took the GD and XD in U17 and U19.  Archie Bult won the BS in U17/U19 and also the U19 BD.  Dan Clarke won the XD in U17/U19 and U17 BD.  Matthew Logan won the U15 BS and Doubles with Harper Leigh, who also took the XD U15.

A full list of winners and runners up can be found here 

Thank you to all the players, parents, coaches, court officials, volunteers and SWNC staff without whom the event could not have been run.

Well done to all involved.

List of Winners

                           Winner                                R/Up

BS U11                 Aled Williams                   Kuba Kwiatkowski

GS U11                 Ishasriya Mekala             Hannah Ahmad

BS U13                 Amay Patil                       Llwyd Crump

GS U13                Saffron Morris                  Ishasriya Mekala

BD U13                Faaris Ahmad                   Amay Patil

                             Llwyd Crump                    Eshaan Patil

GD U13                Saffron Morris                  Bhavana Balu

                             Hannah Ahmad                Ishasriya Mekala

XD U13                Saffron Morris                  Llwyd Crump

                             Zachary Morris                 Hannah Ahmad

BS U15                 Matthew Logan               Harper Leigh     

GS U15                Saffron Morris                  Maisie Kite

BD U15                Matthew Logan                Nye Bennett

                             Harper Leigh                    Llwyd Crump

GD U15                Saffron Morris                  Bhavana Balu

                             Maisie Kite                       Ishasriya Mekala

XD U15                Saffron Morris                   Maisie Kite

                             Harper Leigh                    Nye Bennett      

BS U17                 Archie Bult                        Dan Clarke

GS U17                Lowri Hart                         Aimie Whiteman

BD U17                Daniel Clarke                    Archie Bult

                             Arnav Patil                        Jonathan Ewins

GD U17                Lowri Hart                         Maisie Kite

                             Aimie Whiteman              Jasmine Owen

XD U17                Daniel Clarke                    Liam Hird

                             Aimie Whiteman              Jessica Ding       

BS U19                Archie Bult                        Arnav Patil

GS U19                Lowri Hart                         Aimie Whiteman

BD U19                Archie Bult                        Adil Khan

                             Jonathan Ewins                Daniel Kite

GD U19                Lowri Hart                         Lily Hird

                             Aimie Whiteman              Carys Jones

XD U19                Daniel Clarke                   Liam Hird

                             Aimie Whiteman              Lily Hird

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