Top Schools 2017 Finals

Posted by Carissa Turner at 03:02 on 8 February 2017

The Top Schools Finals commenced at 11am on 7th February in Aberystwyth University Sport Centre. It was the first time the event had been hosted there and the access to the 2 extra courts was a big help.

The Girls event saw one group of 5 battle it out for placements. Crickhowell continued to dominate as they have done in previous years, Ysgol Friars also put on a strong performance to win 3 of their 4 matches, 5-0.
The battle for third place was on with Rhymney facing Alun A in the final match of the day. Should Rhymney win they would automatically receive bronze, should they lose then it would go down to games for and against as 3 teams would have been tied on matches. Alun played a fantastic match winning 4-1 and based on games for and against, they then took the Bronze.

TS Girls

The Final Placement for the Girls Event was:
1st – Crickhowell High
2nd – Ysgol Friars
3rd – Alun School A
4th – Rhymney High
5th – Alun School B

In the Boys event, last year’s medallists Crickhowell, Alun School and Chepstow A all got off to a great start by reaching the elimination rounds, as did Hawarden High.
Chepstow continued their good form with their 5-0 win over Hawarden in the Semi Final, as did Crickhowell who didn’t drop a set against Alun School despite another battle between Regional Academy members Tom Sudder and Oliver Stansfield.
This meant that Hawarden would face off against Alun School in a 3rd place play off while Crickhowell would compete against Chepstow A in the Final.

Both play offs were hotly contested and came down to the final game!
Hawarden took their rubbers against Hawarden in the 2nd Singles and 1st & 3rd player doubles, but it was Alun School who held their nerve in the final game of the day and won the Bronze Medal 3-2.

TS Alun

Chepstow A got off to a flying start with both Dafydd and Iwan Price winning their Singles matches against Oliver Stansfield and Archie Bult giving Chepstow a 2-0 lead. Crickhowell came back fighting winning the 3rd & 4th and 1st & 3rd doubles games. Again, it all came down to the final game of doubles, but Chepstow proved too strong for Crickhowell and retained their title.

TS Crick

The Final Placement for the Boys Event was:

1st – Chepstow A
2nd – Crickhowell
3rd – Alun School
4th – Hawarden
5th – Maes Garmon
5th – Chepstow B

TS Cheps