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top result from top schools south


Top Results From Top Schools South


The Top Schools South commenced at 10am on 22nd October at Sports Wales National Centre.

The Girls event saw eight teams from five schools battle it out for placements. Bro Edern, Cardiff High, Idris Davies, St Richard Gwyn and St Cyres were all represented. Group A was won by Bro Edern B who narrowly beat Cardiff High A to second place. Group B was won convincingly by Bro Edern A.

Bro Edern B went on to play Cardiff High B, winning 5-0 and Bro Edern A played Cardiff High A, winning 4-1.

The finals saw Bro Edern A playing some close games against Bro Edern B, eventually winning 4-1

The Final Placement for the Girls Event was:

1st – Bro Edern A

2nd – Bro Edern B

3rd – Cardiff High A

4th – Cardiff High B

The boys event was divided into three groups. Group A was won by Cardiff High B, group B by Crickhowell A and group C by Cardiff High A. The best runner up was chosen from the three groups by points for less points against. This calculation meant that Crickhowell B just got through by being three points clear of St Richard Gwyn.

Cardiff High B went on to play Cardiff High A in a very close set of games with Cardiff High A winning the final game to give them a 3 – 2 victory. Crickhowell A took on Crickhowell B to win 5-0.

The finals saw Crickhowell A playing Cardiff High A, winning 5-0

The Final Placement for the Boys Event was:

1st – Crickhowell A

2nd – Cardiff High A

3rd – Cardiff High B

4th – Crickhowell B

All the players displayed great sportsmanship and made it a very enjoyable event.

First, second and third places will go through to the Top Schools Finals which will be played in Maldwyn Leisure Centre on Thursday 6th February 10-4pm