Swansea Junior Shuttle

Posted by Carissa Turner at 03:11 on 14 November 2016

The Swansea Junior Shuttle took place on the weekend where the spectators were treated to many exciting and high quality games.

First up was the U17 Boys Singles, with 19 entries and 5 groups there were many close games. Eventually, it came down to the Semi Finals where Archie Bult overcame Ieuan Phillips and Dan Kite beat Thomas Morgan. The final was of high quality with Archie edging it 15-10, 15-11.  The Girls Singles was won by Cherise Lau winning the group from Amandie Malagamaue.  The Boys Doubles had 3 groups which resulted in a Final which was the last, and probably best, game of the day where Archie Bult and Jonathan Ewins edged Dan Kite and Arnav Patil in a marathon match 14-16, 15-13, 15-12.  The Girls Doubles group was won by Ela Morante and Amandie Malagamaue.


The U19 Boys Singles was won in the group by Tomos Jones with a 21-20 win over Ieuan Phillips and Cherise Lau overcame Megan Isaac in the Girls Singles.  Tomos Jones teamed up with William Hughes to win the Boys Doubles while Cherise Lau and Megan Isaac won the Girls Doubles.


The U11 Boys Singles saw Amay Patil winning against his brother Eshaan 15-13, 15-3. They then teamed up in the Doubles to beat Hector Bult and Josh Barton.


The U13 Boys Singles Final saw Harper Leigh overturn his loss in the group to Nandith Malagamaua with a 15-13, 15-5 win.  The Girls Singles was won by Chloe Barton with Maisie Kite coming in second.  Nye Bennett and Nandith Malagamaua beat Josh Barton and Leigh Harper to win the Boys Doubles whilst Chloe Barton and Sian Elin Jones overcame Maisie Kite and Ella Aston in the Girls Doubles.


In the U15 Boys Singles, Matthew Logan won the group and Kieren Gullick came Runner Up. In the Girls Singles Lydia Ferris and Chloe Barton won their groups, Chloe then went on to win the Final 15-11, 15-6.  They then teamed up in the Doubles to win the group from Bethan Williams and Taja Gosh.


Tournament organizer Huw John would like to thank the competitors and parents and also Mark Davies, Andy Woods, Neil Williams and Ed Breen for their help in making the tournament such a success.

A full list of the results can be found here.