Safe and Effective Coaching - Be Sure!

Posted by Rob Short at 10:08 on 28 August 2014

Coaching - Reminder

The season is almost upon us again and it’s a perfect time to remind players and/or parents of the need to ensure that any and all coaching that players are exposed to is carried out by coaches who are :

  • Well educated
  • Insured
  • Appropriately qualified
  • In possession of a Disclosure & Barring Services (DBS) check

Who will be held responsible if your child gets hurt during a practice or fails to improve over time???

Badminton Wales wants all players to have great learning experiences and to progress and to enjoy our sport. Coaches can have a pivotal role in making this happen but only if they are up to date and responsible.

Those who choose to join the Badminton Wales coaches register will have a current coaching qualification, will be security checked and will be able to reassure those that they teach that a comprehensive insurance policy is at hand should something go wrong.

We have confidence in those whom we include on our register to the degree that we include them on a comprehensive database and put them on our website (if they choose to advertise themselves). If they don’t, a phone call is all that is required to the Badminton Wales office and the status of any coach offering a service can be easily provided.

There are many competent coaches out there of course who will be up to date and insured, but given that many local authorities have now withdrawn their disclosure and barring (DBS) service it may be the case that only a governing body will now provide this service, however there are coaches who do not have up to date knowledge, may not be insured and therefore may not be the best person to employ.

Checking is very easy – just call us and we will tell you.

Don’t pay the price of getting it wrong !