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powys open 7 april 2019

Powys Open 7 April 2019


The 7th of April saw 44 players take to Brecon’s courts for Powys’ Open Tournament. It was a superb day – the atmosphere in the hall was electric as players battled it out right up until the leisure centre closed it’s doors. Sportsmanship was excellent, and the standard of play meant that games were close and medals were hard-won.

The day started with the U11s, which saw a boom in entrants at 17 youngsters. Players were split into two groups  - The lions and the tigers. Izzy Dorise-Turrall won the Lions, with Ella Halsey close on her tail. These two players joined together to win every match they played in the doubles, with Harriet and George Mesher putting on a dominant display in 2nd.

Meanwhile, the first group of the Tigers was won by Harri Owen with Andrew Wilson coming in 2nd.  In the second group, Daisy Osborne came out on top with Olly Dorise-Turrall coming in as runner-up. Overall, Daisy won the group, with Harri coming in at silver position. The standard of play was exceptional. Similarly to the Lions, Harri and Daisy paired up to dominate the doubles. Silver was taken by Olly Dorise-Turrall and Christopher Bartholomew who played excellently together.

The U13s comprised of boys singles and doubles due to no female entries in this age group. Maddox Wilcox played his heart out, winning every single one of his games. Tom Bannister came a close second with just as high a standard of play. Maddox and Charlie Salcedo later paired to win the doubles, with Tom pairing up with Archie Dodd and bringing home silver.

At midday, the U15s kicked off. In the boys singles, Tom George took gold, with Maddox Wilcox taking to the podium again to collect silver. They then joined forces to win the doubles, with Adam and Joe Freeland giving them many close games and coming in 2nd. The girls singles was won by Lucy Dray, with Sian Ellyn Jones hot on her heels in silver. Lucy and Daisy Osborne played excellently together in the doubles, just beating Sian and Keira Evans Osborne to the gold with their opponents taking home silver. Lucy then joined Joe Freeland in the mixed doubles for gold, with Sian joining Maddox Wilcox in silver position.

The over-15s was closely contested and took players right up to the closing of the leisure centre, finishing with just five minutes to spare. Overall, Ieuan Phillips won the men’s singles in a close match with Rhys Cadwallader-Jones. Rhys then paired with Tom Halstead to take gold in the men’s doubles, with Ieuan and Rob Cutter winning silver. Again, the standard of play in these matches was superb. In the women’s singles, Lucy Dray came first, beating Nelsea Rai by a handful of points. Nelsea paired with Sonia Pun to then win gold in the doubles, with Lucy and Keira winning silver.

The day finished with the over-15s mixed doubles. Rhys Cadwallader-Jones and Cristy Bartholomew just took Ieuan Phillips and Lucy Dray in an outstanding finals, bringing the day to a massively successful close.

In the midst of this, Olly Dorise-Turall was awarded with Powys’s Player of the Year trophy, which was presented due to the player’s dedication to badminton for the season and consistent show of consideration to younger players. Overall, a fantastic show of sportsmanship from all involved in this year’s tournament.