Powys Badminton's exciting journey

Posted by Laura Morgan at 02:08 on 4 August 2015

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Gen Tyler describes the journey that Powys Badminton has taken in recent years from a position where there were limited clubs and opportunities to one which is vibrant and embedded within the community.

Here is Gen’s account of its journey:

“About four years ago, Matt James (South Powys Sports Development Officer) and I were debating badminton in Powys.  

The position was:

  • Several years before there had been an active badminton scene within Powys
  • Matt and BW had met and started to rekindle a junior scene within the secondary schools
  • There were a few clubs within Powys, a very fragmented scene
  • There was no league

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We decided that what we needed was to challenge the image of badminton to make it a sought after sport amongst the teenagers. The view that children see of badminton in schools tends to be one of a very staid and boring game – we set out to show that it is fun, challenging and very competitive.

  • We started junior clubs in Brecon, Builth and Gwernyfed 
  • We raised the fitness levels of the children 
  • We have a team that showcases badminton in primary schools
  • We have built up positive relationships with clubs and schools 
  • We use Facebook as a notice board
  • Good communication has been vital
  • The 5x60 officers are all on board and get us into the secondary and primary schools
  • We have a pay as you go system – no commitment, play if you want to
  • We are open to everyone, equal to everyone
  • Most of all it is about having fun – the more fun they have the more they want to play

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I hope that we have listened to what people want and tried to enable them. Badminton belongs to the community and it matters to them because it is theirs. I believe that this is why we have just managed to raise £1024.50 for Nepal – it’s part of their community and long may it continue!”

Eddie O’Neill commented,

“It’s remarkable what Gen, with the support of Powys, has done in a relatively short time. She is very enthusiastic and inventive and has made badminton very popular again in Powys. I think Gen realised very early the potential badminton has for helping young people stay active and for making it easy for families to play together. Badminton Wales is very proud to have supported both Gen and Powys with their various initiatives."

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