Posted by Carissa Turner at 12:06 on 7 June 2017

While parents may not see themselves as volunteers; they certainly give their time and efforts to badminton!

Whether their child is a beginner or competing internationally, none of the junior badminton players would be able to enjoy our great sport without the support of their parents.

Parents act as taxi drivers, sounding boards, motivators and most importantly  are their child's number one fan!

Badminton Wales see the dedication of it's young players parent's who travel the country, England and further to support their children week in week out. This devotion and commitment to seeing their child be the best they can be can only have a positive effect on their child's development on and off the court.

There seems to be no rest for the parents of our players and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents who have ever and will continue to invest their time in to their child's badminton!