'Olympic Weekend' held at LC2

Posted by Laura Morgan at 09:09 on 4 September 2013

BW's Young Ambassador Ainsley Richards talks of the 'Olympic Weekend' held at LC2.

'Over the weekend, I was fortunate to be asked by the LC2 to be part of their "Olympic Weekend". The weekend entailed a range of different sport experiences for children of all ages which were offered for free as part of the LC2's Olympic Legacy. There were 6 different sports on offer, and badminton (obviously being the best sport there!) was fully booked for the entire day. I had planned 'taster sessions' that lasted for half an hour each, and in total I coached 64 enthusiastic youngsters throughout the day. Most were complete beginners, but there were a few who had been lucky enough to have played in school previously.

Every child was keen to continue playing after their 'taster', and a couple of children told me that they were now thinking of taking up badminton as a sport and that they wanted to compete at the Rio Olympics (even though they were under ten years old!!)
It was a fantastic event to be involved in, as so many children were inspired to join badminton clubs in Swansea-and even some parents too!

Luckily the LC2 has a badminton course for Juniors which runs every Saturday morning which I'm involved in. An event like this is great to get children from the ages of 5-12 to become involved with badminton. Can't wait for the next one-exhausting, but inspirational!'