New Partnership for Badminton Wales

Posted by Rob Short at 05:12 on 28 December 2012

Badminton Wales has recently secured funding to promote collaboration with Dr Michael Hughes from Cardiff Metropolitan University. Dr Hughes is an exercise physiologist who has been working with high-level Badminton players for over 20 years. The aim of this collaboration is to develop the assessment of fitness in Welsh Badminton players and, in turn, to promote the development of their fitness.  

The collaboration is funded by the ‘Strategic Insight Programme’, a scheme which encourages exploration of potential links between higher education and other industries & organisations. Beyond the initial phase of this scheme, it is intended that a regular programme of fitness testing can be introduced in order to optimise the training of players at both junior and senior level.

Dr Hughes is currently a senior lecturer in Sport & Exercise Physiology in the Cardiff School of Sport and is a former employee of the British Olympic Association and of Badminton England. 

Eddie O Neill commented 

“This is a real boost for Badminton Wales, working with Mike will without doubt take our players and our system to a new level, Mike is highly respected in the Badminton world and we are lucky that he has settled in Wales and is available to us via the SIP initiative.“