Posted by Laura Morgan at 11:07 on 17 July 2014

Pembrokeshire Shuttle Festival 16.07.14

75 ten year old pupils from Pembroke Dock Community School had a great time at the Pembroke Shuttle Festival on Wednesday, 16th July.  

Split into three sessions, the pupils became Pirates, Dragons, Tigers, Eagles or Zombies as their team leaders took them through various hitting skills, serving, relay races and training routines. Team winners were resolved after all the exercises and then they finished with twenty minutes of matches. 

All left with a certificate showing they were all "Badminton Stars" and looking forward to trying out badminton at the 5 x 60 clubs when they move up to the comprehensive in September.

Badminton Development Officer Phil Gwyther was helped greatly by Rebecca, Rachel and Ashley from Pembroke Junior Club, who were still smiling after five and a half hours of cheerleading their teams, manning the scoreboard, picking up many hundreds of shuttles, moving target mats and cones galore and generally setting a great example to the younger pupils.