Mid-Glamorgan Badminton Need Your Help

Posted by Lucie Gwilt at 04:02 on 29 February 2016


What a great season for Mid Glamorgan Badminton with the County team achieving their best ever result in the ICC. With evidence of a strong player base and rumours of additional eligible players becoming available for the next season, the County has big plans to further develop.

But first there is some serious and concerning news regarding the County finances. When the County was re-launched in 2007/08 it received a contribution of £2500 from funds related to the previous County setup. Since the re-launch and despite attempts at fundraising and sponsorship, over the last couple of years the finances have dramatically diminished. 

As most of you will be aware there are various costs associated in running a club/organisation. These costs are broken down as follows:

  • Entrance fee to the ICC (currently stands at £750 per annum)
  • Affiliation of players to the ICC (£3 per player)
  • Hotel costs for three weekends of the ICC competitions (usually in the region of £250-£300 per weekend
  • Travel to each of the weekends (usually £120)
  • Booking courts for practice sessions (Cardiff court costs approx. £11 per court per hour)
  • Shuttles for practices (approx. £16.50 a tube)


Previously, the costs of the County weekends have been covered by the playing members of the team. However, with the situation as it currently stands and a large entry fee to pay prior to the beginning of next season, MGB cannot afford to continue this approach.

Over the next couple of weeks, the County will be working hard to secure sponsorship and also to reinstate the "100 Club"- a much needed source of income to maintain the County finances into next season and beyond. Many of you may remember the 100 Club from previous seasons; the idea is that an individual pays £12 a year to the County Association with an opportunity of winning prize draws at monthly intervals, (with the winners announced on this website and our social media pages). £6 of the £12 will go towards the 100 Club monthly prize draws and the other £6 will go towards funding the County expenditure (as detailed above). The current plan is to re-launch the 100 Club from April 2016. In the meantime, MGB would appreciate if you could commit to the small annual payment, and also encourage friends and family to support them. Further information regarding the 100 Club will be available soon.

If any of you have any ideas or comments in relation to raising funds for the County, please feel free to get in touch via the Mid-Glamorgan Badminton website, Twitter, Facebook or you can email them directly.

Moving on to more promising news... MGB are looking to finally start a weekly training session. After talking to a number of players it has been agreed that Thursday nights are the most suitable; there is now just the small issue of securing courts!

They will be looking to invite varying standards of players to the session and everyone will be categorised into tiers. The idea is to keep the standard of play to a maximum for all players whilst encouraging competition to climb the tier system. The categories will be based on results from tournaments/matches and the form of the player (as assessed by the County) and all will be regularly reviewed. This would be an open process and feedback and communication from the players is deeply encouraged. 

"Hopefully we can create a fun, competitive session that will allow us to expand the County squad and potentially enable us to field junior, masters and second senior teams, in addition to the current team, in the very near future." (Gareth Day, MGBA)