Kerry Ann Sheppard

Posted by Carissa Turner at 09:06 on 2 June 2017

Kerry Ann Sheppard has badminton in her blood! As a former Welsh International and Commonwealth Games competitor, she has a passion for sport. She has been involved in badminton from an early age excelling as a player, coach, tutor/assessor and continues to drive the game forward through the National Governing Body as an elected Board Director and voted Chair of Badminton Wales despite having a demanding full time career outside of Sport.

As a player and coach Kerry Ann has a vested interest in Badminton and this passion is now displayed through the development of the business as opposed to on court. She brings experience from working in Sport Wales and currently within the business world.


Kerry Ann is a driven individual and takes risk in order to achieve what she believes is right. She brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding helping to shape a new direction of travel for Badminton Wales. She has spent tireless hours pulling together the new strategy for Badminton Wales working closely with the Board of Directors and staff, leading reviews and recruitment in order to equip the organisation with the right structure and resources to lead the business through this period of change.  

Over the last 6 months with the organisation having a gap in staffing Kerry Ann has voluntarily managed and overseen the business dealing with members and staff in order to maintain a quality functional organisation that is moving forward from strength to strength. Sometimes working in excess of 80hrs per week with her full time career Kerry Ann has been dedicated to maintaining high standards of communication with members and staff sometimes responding to correspondence in the early hours of the morning to ensure a speedy response.

Her dedication to the sport is apparent as she goes over and above what is required as she is passionate, driven, determined and focused to enhance and grow badminton in Wales.  She is personable, engaging, and loves the challenge to make Badminton one of the top sports that people want to get involved with.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all current and past Board Members for volunteering their time to improve badminton in Wales.