Junior Nationals 2017 Overview

Posted by Carissa Turner at 02:03 on 16 March 2017

The Yonex Welsh Junior Nationals descends upon the Sport Wales National Centre this weekend and by the looks of the draw there will be plenty of competitive matches being played!

Saturday the 18th of March sees the U11, U15 and U19 events competing.

Andrew Oates will look to defend his triple crown from the U17's last year but will face some stiff competition in doing so.
Abi Cottrill and Ellie Roberts. had a great match at the Welshpool Junior Open Plus, they are first and second seed in the Girls Singles and will both have their eyes on the winners trophy!
Joe Cottrill will partner Andrew in the Boys Doubles and hope to dominate the event.
Gean Sou Mo will feel confident going in to the Mixed after her previous success with partner, Andrew Oates.

Adil Khan and Daniel Kite are seeded in the Boys Singles but will have to play well to reach the finals
Lowri Hart sits at first seed in the Girls Singles with Jasmine Owen as second. Both girls will be looking to draw on recent success to claim the title .
7 pairs will battle it out in two groups in the Boys Doubles to make it to the Semi Finals knock out rounds. Both Singles seeds will be favoured to win however North Wales players Charlie Cahill and Alfie Moorcroft will be looking to make their mark during the event.
The Mixed Doubles is difficult to predict with a group of 5
fighting it out for the title. Daniel Kite & Jasmine Owen are seeded but are sure to have a battle on their hands with Adil Khan & Saffron Morris and Daniel Clarke & Lowri Hart competing too.

The U11’s Boys Singles entry is strong. It promises plenty of tough matches for top seed Llwyd Crump and second seed Eli Owen who will be hoping to go away with trophies. They will also team up in the Doubles where they are top seed in the hopes of claiming that title too.

On Sunday the 19th of March the second day of competition will begin with the U13’s and U17’s events taking place.

Matthew Logan and Harper Leigh are both seeded in the Boys Singles and will pair up in the doubles too where they will have to fend off 3 other pairings to win the championships.
Saffron Morris and Maisie Kite will battle it out in the Girls Singles and also in the Mixed Doubles Finals. Both played well in the recent Celtic Challenge for Wales and will look to continue their good form.


In the U17’s Oliver Stansfield tops the Boys Singles with Morgan Harding as second. Harding has a tough opening round against Michael Pritchard which will surely be a great match for the spectators.
Lowri Hart again is top seed in the Girls Singles with Abi Cottrill as second seed. Abi will be determined to try and reverse previous results by taking home Gold this year but will have to play well to do so given Lowri's history of winning at the Nationals.
Dafydd Price & Michael Pritchard have paired up for the Boys Doubles and will be hoping to continue their good performance at the Welsh Nationals in to the Juniors to take out top seeds Oliver Stansfield & Morgan Harding.
The Mixed Doubles proves to be an interesting match between Oliver Stansfield & Abi Cottrill and Michael Pritchard & Lowri Hart. 

Full draws and information on the tournament can be found by clicking here.