Julie Stockden and Raan Wallis

Posted by Carissa Turner at 11:06 on 5 June 2017

Nominated by Peter Genders.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Julie Stockden and Raan Wallis during Volunteers Week. If asked, then Julie and Raan may not identify themselves as volunteers in the traditional sense of the word however, seeing them in club over the years, I would disagree.  
Julie, Raan and players like them are the backbone of successful clubs. Both players’ welcome new members who come into our club, be they young, old, novice or improver. They are the friendly face and patient partner who will take the court alongside anyone, with a willingness to share their love and knowledge of the game in any way they can. 

julie and raan hp
Julie in her younger days played at National level and Raan has always played at a strong club level, through which she inspired and supported my daughter, Amy, as a junior player; as well as her own daughter who reached the National University Finals. Now as senior club members (whose age I won’t mention, as they are both quite feisty) – they remain competitive still playing in Swansea league matches and acting as role models for lifelong participation in sport. 
For me, Julie and Raan embrace true volunteer spirit, through their instinctive willingness to engage with and develop the players around them. Without a want of personal gain, the pair naturally enjoy promoting participation in a sport that has and always will be dear to them. It is for this reason that I would like to say Thank you ladies, Peter.
Swansea Badminton Club runs at the Gower College
Friday 5 - 6pm with 4 courts

Sundays 7-9pm with 4 courts during the summer
Sundays 6-9pm with 2 courts in season

If you would like to join the club please contact Pete Genders at: suegenders1@btinternet.com