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join our vision: the badminton wales board of directors


Join Our Vision: The Badminton Wales Board of Directors

Joining a board is a superb opportunity for networking and growing your own professional brand. As a Director for Badminton Wales, you will be able to help the sport grow and influence which direction we grow in. Serving on our board can be a uniquely rewarding experience as you lend us your expertise to help us reach our goals that are inline with your passion. If you care about badminton, the game and it’s players, or just about getting sport into communities, this could be something truly life-enriching for you.

Currently, we have the opportunity to take on board five new directors. Between you, you will help shape the future of our sport. Badminton has over 250 million players worldwide – as a member of our board, you can then work with us and other international governing bodies to ensure that badminton keeps leaping from strength to strength. See our opportunities below, and get in touch if you feel that you can bring something to our invested team.

Commercial Director

At Badminton Wales, we have regular dealings with commercial partners. We rely heavily on our sponsors (eg.Victor Badminton) for kit, etc, and need your skills for attracting new sponsors, encouraging them to invest, and developing these pathways.

Human Resources Director

If you have experience of leading and motivating a team of like-minded individuals, this could be the perfect role for you. We need somebody with knowledge and expertise in policy, along with monitoring HR activity to include employment, compensation, workforce relations, benefits, training and development.

Events Director

At Badminton Wales, our events have to be vibrant affairs, and our officials have to be experts in their fields. If you have strong interpersonal skills, some knowledge of badminton officiating and league play, this may well suit you perfectly.

Marketing and Communication Director

We are looking for a director with expertise in devising and implementing communication strategies. We have a strong Badminton audience, but need to raise awareness of Badminton Wales amongst the Badminton and non-Badminton community.

Performance Director

Badminton Wales is currently going through an extremely exciting stage within it’s performance development. We are looking for a performance director to oversee the creation and delivery of the Board’s strategy and policies in respect of performance, comprising the development and delivery of an effective talent pathway in Wales and the delivery of the Welsh Commonwealth Games Badminton Team. We are currently developing our “Project 22” to get our players to the 2022 Commonwealth Games, and your experience will be an integral part of this.

For more information on each role, click here. To apply, click here.