Great Orme Junior Gold

Posted by Carissa Turner at 01:10 on 12 October 2017

38 players including a clutch of National Champions played in the Great Orme BW Gold and what a feast of badminton was played out and witnessed by the parents who were there. 
The tournament was not only a feast of badminton, it was also the way all the matches were played out, highly competitive but with a win or a loss in good grace.
I thank the umpire David Shore for his help in the match control and for umpiring the finals, I thank the people who helped by scoring some of the games, but more importantly I thank all the players because without them there is no tournament as well as all the parents who without their support there would be no players, now we come to the tournament games. Winners were spread out and came from North Wales, South Wales and Cheshire.

The tournament started with the U-15 age group and after three groups into the quarter-finals went Piyush Pradeep (Cheshire) v Matthew Swash (North East Wales) with Matthew winning 12/15,15/11,15/13, also into the quarter-finals went Amay Patil (Carmarthen)  v Anshul Ramavarth (Cheshire) with Anshul winning 15/8,15/5. Matthew then played Liam Hird (North East Wales) with Liam winning to pit himself against Arnav Patil (Carmarthen) who won the second semi-final. The final was a highly competitive match with Arnav beating Liam 13/15,18/16,10/15. Freya Cottrill (Conwy) won the U-15 Girls Singles after beating Anushka Acharya (Cheshire) in the final. Freya then partnered Anushka Salvi and played in the U-15 Boys Doubles where they took two pairs to three ends actually holding match point against the runners-up. Liam & Arnav teamed up to win the U-15 Boys Doubles with Eban Jones (Anglesey) & Anshul being the runners-up. Arnav & Freya then played and won the U-15 Mixed Doubles beating Anshul & Anushka.

conwy u15

U-19 Girls was next, note girls, boys. Carys Jones (North East Wales) won the singles with Hollie Brocklehurst (Conwy) as the runner-up. Carys & Freya Cottrill won the U-19 Girls Doubles beating Lily Hird & Lili Thomas (North East Wales) in the final.

U-13 Boys was next, this time note boys, girls. Into the semi-finals went Amay & Eshaan Patil (Carmarthen) Eli Owen (Pembrokeshire) and Piyush Pradeep (Cheshire). Into the finals went Piyush  and Amay after beating his twin brother Eshaan 15/13,9/15,15/12. Amay won the final against Piyush 15/13,16/14. The final of the U-13 Boys Doubles was won by Amay & Eshaan who beat Oliver Chandran (Conwy) and Eli giving all three Patil brothers a gold medal.

conwy u13

The U-17 age group concluded the tournament with some very close games. Into the semi-finals were Jasmine Owen (Pembrokeshire), Raavi Sharma (Cheshire) Carys Jones (N.E.Wales) and Freya Cottrill (Conwy). Jasmine beat Freya to progress into the final with Carys  and what a final that was, Jasmine won the final but it was a cliffhanger to the very end winning the last game 16/14, full score was 10/15,15/11,16/14. Arnav Patil (Carmarthen) continued his fine play when he won the U-17 Boys Singles. Arnav beat Alfie Moorcroft (North East Wales) in the 1st semi-final with Shamanth Moodalbyle (North East Wales) winning the 2nd semi-final beating Liam Hird (North East Wales) but losing the final to Arnav. Arnav then partnered Liam to the U-17 Boys Doubles beating Shamanth & Alfie in the final. Arnav though was not finished as he also won the U-17 Mixed Doubles with Jasmine beating Alfie & Carys in the final.

conwy u17

This gave
Arnav Patil (Carmarthen)6 Gold Medals
Freya Cottrill (Great Orme, Conwy)4 Gold & 1 Silver Medal
Jasmine Owen (Pembrokeshire)3 Gold Medals
Carys Jones2 Gold & 3 Silver Medals

Congratulations to the above players who won multiple gold & silver medals and to all the other winners and runners-up and again to EVERY player who competed.

Thanks to Joe Hill for running another successful tournament and his blog on the event.

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