Girls Allowed in Pembrokeshire

Posted by Rob Short at 01:11 on 15 November 2012

Pembroke Ladies Course

As part of their Community Chest grant based on a two year plan for Badminton development in Pembrokeshire, the new County Association is running beginners coaching courses to get more women involved in the sport.  The first of the courses has been going for four weeks in Haverfordwest and a regular group of ladies are thoroughly enjoying the challenge.  One or two have some experience but wanted a little wider knowledge of technique and tactics.
Some are mothers of Junior players while others are just keen for some exercise and  friendly competition and a good level is already being achieved in just a short time. The idea is that after the 15 week course, they will become confident enough to join a local club and not feel out of their depth as a beginner. Two other courses will be held in different towns over the next 12 months.
Phil Gwyther
Pembrokeshire Badminton Development Co-ordinator