Badminton Wales

criteria for european junior championships 2020


Publication of criteria for the European Junior Championships selection

The European Junior Championships is scheduled to take place in Oct/November (dates TBC.)

It is the intention for Badminton Wales to send a team to this event, however given the current situation this decision may change depending on circumstances.

Badminton Europe are reviewing all events on a case by case basis and are keen to hold one of their flagship events.  Poland are currently unable to host the event and so Badminton Europe are seeking a new host.

Any player selected may be subject to further independent medical clearance and will also have an opt in/out option, which will not reflect on any future selections.  Any player who does not wish to be considered for selection due to the current situation, please can you let Badminton Wales know as soon as possible. Again, this will not reflect on any possible future selections.

Please consider, that even if this event goes ahead, circumstances may dictate that Badminton Wales do not send a team.

Click here to view the selection criteria, or head to the "performance" page on the website.