Badminton Wales

code of conduct



During one of our training camps, we asked the Welsh team to define what their Code of Conduct meant to them. This set of ten core values should shape the attitude that our players step on court with, wherever and whenever it takes place. 

commitment 100% effort to train, compete and learn.
discipline Highest levels of practice and preparation.
professionalism Being prepared – in terms of equipment, mentally and physically in all practice and matches. Constant look to see what more I have to do to become a better player.
respect Display positive role model behaviour at all times – on and off court. Support team mates.
punctuality Always turn up on time. If the session starts at 9am. Turning up at 9am is late. Allow plenty of time for prehab and personal warm-up.
open-minded Be open to implement new ideas from coach/es and team mates.
supportive Provide and accept constructive feedback to/from team mates to help them improve. Enhancing of one another’s training and tournaments.
tenacity Determination to be the best player you can be. Complete all training tasks to the best of your ability. ‘Never give up’ kind of attitude.
positivity Encourage one another with supportive attitudes. Work together to create a team environment with a common goal: #TIMETORISE
integrity Always be honest about your performances, training and injuries. Be respectful towards self, team mates, coaches, supporters and the opposition.


At Badminton Wales, we aim to ensure that this standard of behaviour is echoed across all of our squads and all of our events. If you would like help developing your own Code of Conduct or access to any of our governance templates, contact us.