Chair Update - June 2017

Posted by Carissa Turner at 11:06 on 9 June 2017

In October 2016 I was appointed Chair of Badminton Wales. This role, and the role of all the Board Directors, is voluntary and like the network of volunteer officials, coaches, and club support personnel, the Board is made up of people choosing to commit our leisure time to help badminton prosper across Wales. We do it for the love of the game.

This season I watched the Junior and Senior Nationals and the Welsh International Championships. I came away energised from the up-and-coming players we have, the dedicated and passionate parents, and the hardworking and often unrecognised officials, line judges and coaches. 

There are a few stand out memories from these events; the first is Jordan Hart’s win over Olympian Leanne Tan of Belgium which showed a grit and determination to succeed that can often be the difference between converting a match point or being knocked out of a tournament. This win for Jordan is one of many great wins and comes from the many hours of training, competing, and the ability to stay focused on her goals and aspirations. 

The Junior Nationals was bitter sweet for me. The bitter comes from the low number of players we have entering and competing for the crown of National Champion however, this feeling is sweetened by the talent we have in our junior age groups. During a mixed doubles match, I was in awe of the confidence and skill shown by the players, specifically the elegant footwork of Adil Khan and technique way beyond his years.

Being part of these events and watching these players are what keeps me motivated as a volunteer. 

Behind the scenes work in the office and by the Board can seem invisible to members and we are working hard to improve engagement with them to enable increased collaboration when improvements and changes are made to the business.
At Board level the following matters are currently being worked on:

  • The appointment of a Business leader that can oversee off court activities such as; finance and budgets, communications and marketing, people management, technology and systems used for events, membership and finance, safeguarding, insurance, policies and procedures, training and development
  • The recruitment of a Finance Director 
  • Deliver a self-assurance assessment - a tool supplied by Sport Wales that monitors progress against criteria that will help us sustain a strong company
  • Working collaboratively with Sport Wales and other sporting governing bodies to explore new ways of sharing resource; people and money

These matters are in addition to providing oversight and support to:

  •  Revised performance systems, including development initiatives that feed this system
  •  External communications to stakeholders and members
  •  General queries arising from members
  •  2017/2018 Events plan

There is a great deal of work to do to deliver our mission of increasing the number of players and medals, something which I believe can only be achieved by the collective team of players, parents, coaches, club personnel, officials and Badminton Wales employees, working together.

I wish all the players a restful few weeks before pre-season training and a heartfelt thank you to all the volunteers in Wales for another successful season. 

I look forward to 2017/2018 with huge optimism.