Celtic Challenge sunk by storms

Posted by Laura Morgan at 04:02 on 17 February 2014

Celtic Challenge 2014

With 12 young U13 players and their coaches eager to take on Lothian , Leinster and Ulster over the weekend it was a blow for their first flight to be cancelled due to a technical fault. Frantic activity by Annette O'Neill and Laura Cairns however managed to secure another flight for the players so hopes were raised. This time all was well technically but gale force winds put paid to any chances of reaching Dublin. A frustrated group of players and coaches made their way back home late on Friday, very disappointed to not be able to defend their title.

Three North Wales players did manage to get to Dublin and our picture shows Lili Thomas, Morgan Harding and Michael Pritchard putting on a brave show. The players luckily were integrated into a tournament on the Sunday so all was not lost.

Eddie O'Neill commented,

"For the first time ever we had more parents than players. What a shame for all but I’m sure Annette is already planning another trip to make up for their disappointment!"