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Celtic Challenge U13 Selection 2020

The team to represent Wales at the Celtic Challenge U13 this February is announced today. With an ever-growing pool of talented players in Wales selection is a difficult process. All eligible players from Regional Academies, Satellite centres and county squads and clubs are considered and then selected based on identified tournament results.
The players to represent Wales at the Celtic Challenge 2020 are;

Amay Patil, 
Eshaan Patil, 
Hector Bult, 
Johan Varghese, 
Llwyd Crump, 
Zachary Morris

Allyssa Salvador, 
Amelie Jo Chandran, 
Bhavana Balu, 
Ella Halsey, 
Saffron Morris, 
Sot-Sai Thomas

The Celtic Challenge is an annual tournament for under-13 players to compete against one team from Scotland (Lothian) and two Irish teams (Leinster and Alpha). Importantly it is the first opportunity to introduce juniors to Welsh representation. Over the weekend a match is played against each of the other teams. The format of each match is as follows; 3 boys doubles, 3 girls doubles, 3 boys singles, 3 girls singles and, 3 mixed doubles games.
The Wales team will be travelling to Lisburn, Northern Ireland the second weekend of February and looking to build on some of the tremendous work the players, parents and coaches have been putting in. This is the first time some of the players will be representing their country, so we wish them and the whole team the best of luck!

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