Cardiff Primary Competition

Posted by Angela Stevens at 02:03 on 20 March 2014

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Nearly 50 children from 3 primary schools in Cardiff took part in the recent Cardiff Games primary school competition.  The children were from Tredegarville Primary, Adamsdown Primary and Trowbridge Primary schools.  The afternoon consisted of 4 activities where the children rotated around the different activities taking part in the 4 sports.  The 4 sports included Badminton, Table Tennis, Tennis and Golf.  On the badminton element the children took part in a tournament where they played doubles matches and played up to 5 points.  The teams then received points for their schools which fed in to the over all score.  

The children also played some fun badminton games after competing in the competitive element of the session.  The children played Throwminton to finish which they all thoroughly enjoyed.

One child from Trowbridge Primary commented "I really enjoyed playing badminton.  I have never played it before I really liked playing the throwing game at the end it was really fun".

There is a junior badminton session every Monday at Eastern Leisure Centre 4.30 -5.30pm everyone welcome.

For further information on this event or any other query please contact Angela Stevens Badminton Development Officer for South Wales on 07772396360 or email at